Wednesday, 07 October 2015

(Reported by Nicola Merrifield on 5 October 2015 -

He pointed specifically to new rules that mean overseas nurses will have to leave the country unless they earn at least £35,000 a year.

Speaking today in London at the Institute of Directors’ annual convention, which represents company directors and senior business leaders, Mr Stevens said “most hospitals” believed the policy “clearly needs a rethink”.

The new legislation, which comes into effect from April, requires migrant workers from outside the European Economic Area to have a salary of at least £35,000 after five years of working in the UK if they want to remain in the country.

“Most hospitals tell me the idea that we would seriously consider deporting some of our most experienced nurses solely because they’re not earning £35,000 clearly needs a rethink” - Simon Stevens

“Understandably we’re having a national discussion about how to get immigration right,” said Mr Stevens.

“My responsibility is to point out that, at a time when the need for nurses is growing, when publicly funded UK nurse  training places will take several years to expand, and when agency staff costs are driving hospital overspends right now, we need to better join up the dots on immigration policy and the NHS,” he stated.

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